Who We Are





We are proud of our bread and pastries.


We think it is something to celebrate.


We put all our energy into creating our products and making sure you enjoy them. Nourishing and nurturing,  and sometimes  something sweet  is a really heart-warming experience.We think that’s something worth sharing.

Where bread is concerned we are puritanical. Our daily bread doesn’t need preservatives because it comes to you fresh every day. The only additives our artisan bakers use are natural ingredients - nuts, fruit, vegetables or herbs. We don’t use chemicals to speed up the fermentation of our dough because we love slow dough - we know its better, you know it tastes better.


We all know that the best way to start the day is with a wholesome breakfast. Freshly baked in each of our stores (you can tell by the delicious aroma early in the mornings!) are our range of mouth watering morning pastries; all made with zero preservatives, colours or additives (so you know exactly what you’re getting). They will not only fill you up and give you energy to last throughout the morning but are incredibly tasty too. Who said breakfast needed to be boring? Definitely not us. Try an almond croissant or one of our absolutely more-ish chocolate halva buns. If it’s a sweet treat you’re craving, ANNABELLAS BAKERY is a veritable treasure chest of delicious gems. From decadent chocolate tarts, fondants and cakes through to seasonally sweet delights, you are sure to find at least 5 things in our delicious cakes and sweets range to tempt you. BUTTER UP: Our pastries are delicately flakey and soft, made with rich, delicious butter from only specially selected French creams.

Annabellas Bakery

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