Recent news​

Our new tarts

Brian Ferry March 2013


We have decided to add NEW CREATIONS to our assortment of pastries. Fine fruity tarts and tartlets in diffent sizes with new spices and ingredients. Our new product line has been so far a very popular NEWCOMMER.  Our Clients love our new creations and are alwyas very helpful by letting us know their opinion.  Together and not alone, that is our device for a better understanding and for a better service. We hereby want to thank all our faithful CLIENTS, who have made us what we are ....

Latest projects

​Susan Smith March 2013

This has been a major decision: OUR NEW COFEE SHOP. We thought about it for a long time and have decided to open up a small cofee shop in direct communication with the main Bakery Store. Clients can choose their favourites in the store and we serve them in our new coffee shop. We will start with sweets and later on with sandwiches, filled buns and more. Our new shop will also have a large variery of coffees from throughout the world: Capuccino, Verlängerter, Espresso, Café con leche, etc..

Would be great if you could take a look and tell us what you think about our NEW IDEA ...

New Products Online Shop

​Anna Biehl May 2013

Our online shop has been so far a real success. We started with just a few products, to see how things work out, and WOW! What a great Feedback ! Our asortment of products has increased and we are very happy abput the good resonance. After trying out several shipping and payment methods, we have decided to take the most popular ones. In case that there are any special orders we will alwyas try and find a solution to please our clients. The world moves ... and we try to move with it!

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